Our Services

Individual programs for executives and professionals (*), designed to facilitate an improved self-knowledge and the learning of conducts. And to accompany every person, on their processes of change, to successfully travel their journey to their labor or professional markets.

These processes are designed to produce in the persons, changes in their ways of interpreting and of tackling situations, helping this way to open new ways in the short or medium term. And to solve situations of daily appearing, promoting the necessary yield and development to achieve successful operative results. 

(*) All our programs are delivered in Spanish


We offer specific tools for an ideal and rapid return to the specific labor or professional market. Programs organized to guide, to train and to accompany those who, for diverse reasons, faces a not planned labor change and a decisive stage in their careers.

Every client is coached during all his program by a Senior Consultant who guides, instructs and advises in their process of comeback to the market.

Additional advantages of Outplacement

It also makes possible for the disengaging company, to preserve this way a good reputation as employer, as having always supported their employees in those sensitive moments of difficult stage of layoffs. And to support the respect and good predisposition of the disengaged ones towards the company, diminishing as it is possible the risks that they embrace legal procedures, as well as to assure the company’s business continuity.

At the same time, it transmits to all the people who keep working in the company, a message of respect and care taking of the leaving persons, that will reverberate strongly in the morality of those who should go forward to support the business of the company.

How do I tell them?
Consult us here about our workshops, available at certain locations, oriented to train those supervisory or managerial level persons that should carry out those layoffs.


Specially designed to handle better the layoffs of mixed levels of personnel, or when it turns impossible to offer individual programs. Those are activities of intensive development, which introduce the participants in the knowledge and practice of the basic tools of Outplacement.

All our coachees and clients in our programs, may have during their development, access at our website, to different materials for training and especially to several successful methodologies of search of opportunities on several areas of expertise.

Our programs, as well as the services that we deliver are oriented by the School of Cognitive Behavior and some of their exercises, characterized all of them for being of low standardization and of high adaptability to the needs of our coaches or clients and to their circumstances.