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Our individual programs for executives and professionals (*), are designed to easily acquire and increase self knowledges, and learning new behaviors and to also accompany every person to successfully advance trough his process of changes at the labor field.

Those processes are designed to produce in each person, changes in their ways of interpreting and tackling different kind of situations, helping to open to new ways of managing those in the short and medium terms.

And to solve also situations that may arise very frequently, promoting the necessary performances and developments to achieve successful results.

(*) All our programs are delivered in Spanish

We are members and affiliated to the following institutions:

We offer our clients our wide experience - earned across 25 client companies and almost 300 individual cases - in the detection, and solution of problems or situations, which prevented or made it difficult for them to reach their wished personal or institutional goals.

Executive Coaching Programs

programas individuales coaching


Each program is adapted to the specific needs of the client, both in contents as well as in it’s development.

Every person is accompanied through their programs by a Senior Consultant who guides, advise and instructs them in their process of comeback to the market.

Grupales Workshops Next Job

Group: Workshops

Specially designed to handle better the layoffs of mixed levels of personnel, or when it turns impossible to offer individual programs. Those are activities of intensive development, which introduce the participants in the knowledge and practice of the basic tools of Outplacement. 

coaching ejecutivo grupos
Herramientas Outplacement


We offer specific tools for an ideal and rapid return to the specific labor or professional market. Programs organized to guide, to train and to accompany those who, for diverse reasons, faces a not planned labor change and a decisive stage in their careers.

Every client is coached during all his program by a Senior Consultant who guides, instructs and advises in their process of comeback to the market.

garantía coaching


All our programs of individual Outplacement enjoy a guarantee, proportional to the length of each program, for which in case of problems arisen to the clients on their first return to the labor market, they may retake again their programs at no cost.

metodología coaching


We use methodologies and practices of widely proven effectiveness, which promote and facilitate the individual participation of all the persons involved in each program.

equipo coaching


Formed by professionals of fecund trajectory, with specific experience in their areas of specialty and in the diverse programs that we deliver. Our directors are professionals certified by the ICCI (Institute for Career Certification International).