Verónica Law - Careers Coaching


Specialized consultant in topics of Marketing, Commercialization and Communications.

She earns a degree in Administration of the Buenos Aires University (UBA) also a Master in Marketing and Communications from the University of San Andrés.

Also has analyzed and work in activities of update and improvement in topics of Marketing, Commercialization and Management at the University of San Andrés, and in the University of Buenos Aires for Professional Advice in Economic Sciences.

Worked also as counsel for the Direction of Culture and Education of the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Also carried the start-up and management on Marketing areas at leaders organizations in their activities, both at massive consumption as well as in services suppliers like Fireworks Jupiter and University of San Andrés, designing, coordinating and implementing plans and actions for the growth of selling areas, increasing their participation on their markets, as well as their profitability and clients satisfaction.

Veronica has acquired a wide experience performing at positions of responsibility managing work crews in commercial, administrative and financial management, and in Human Resources, both at national and international companies in different industry fields, as at South America General insurances of Life and Heritage S.A, SD Distribution Pharmaceutical S.A of the Sidus Group, Internet Health Company S.A. and the prestigious Tarbut school.

She is fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese, with a basic handling of Mandarin Chinese.