Ismael Ajzenszlos

Certified Coach by ICCI as Career Management Fellow CMF

Certified Coach by ICCI as Career Management Fellow CMF Partner director at Ajzenszlos and Associates / Careers Coaching® a specialized consultancy firm in topics of Development of Human Resources and in Coaching, Outplacement and Careers Planning, with almost 300 successfully managed individual cases.

Since 2012 we are Arbora Global Partners in Argentina, integrated by outstanding consultancy firms in 28 countries. He previously performed as director and member of the founding team of Schein - Transitions Advisors (Consultancy in Development of RR.HH. and Careers Planning) between 2001 and 2007. In 2003 they introduced the Outplacement professional programs in Bolivia.

He also performed as HR Director for Revlon Argentina, and as manager at Sherwin Williams, Listas Argentinas, Esso SAPA, Castelar SAIA, Sherwin Williams, Lombardi S.A. and as Training and Communications Director for the IAPG (Argentinian Institute for Oil and Gas).

Former specialized consultant in Human Resources at CM Sociology of Company (then representing DBM in Argentina) and at A&C Consultants.

Ismael earned valuable teaching experience too as Attached Teacher at the career of Industrial Relations of the UADE (Argentine Enterprises University). Also developed many seminars and workshops at other leading Argentine professional entities.

Also been an active member at the ACPI (Association of Career Professionals International) (former IAOP) and member of their World Council since 2001 until 2008. On those years he performed locally as President of their Argentina chapter.

A special chapter is his long relationship with ICCI (Institute for Career Certification International) from 2005 on. In March 2011 he was recognized as one of ICCI’s 'Global Ambassadors'. In 2019 was invited to join ICCI’s Board, where he keeps being active until these days.

Former member of the Association for Coaching® (AC) UK (United Kingdom) established in 2002, the Association for Coaching is a professional independent body without ends of lucre integrated by Coaches and Coach Trainers.

It should be noted that both academic institutions are devoted to raise the standards and professionalism of Coaching. Both the ICCI and the AC possess demanding codes of professional conduct, which are respected and applied in all our programs.

Ismael is a BA Bachelor for Managers from the UCA (Argentine Catholic University - 1974), adding also numerous training and updating activities, most of these oriented to the Development of Human Resources, Coaching, Transactional Analysis and Planning.

He is fluent in Spanish and English, with a basic handling of Portuguese, German, French, and Italian.