Alejandro Ajzenszlos - Careers Coaching


Wide and deep experience in the commercial management, developed at first line organizations, specializing in the areas of Marketing, Selling and Customer Services.

The detection of opportunities of development of business, and the actions linked with the programs of training and formation are a part of his principal professional skills acquired along his career.

He has perfectioned his professional training by means of executive programs at the University of California, in Harvard Business School, in University of San Andrés, and in IAE (both Argentinian prestigious institutions) and programs of professional education dictated by renown national and foreign educators.

In addition to offering advice in the development, execution and training for the progress of his commercial results, he always takes active part in the designing and teaching of training programs, conferences, seminars and symposiums, on subject-matters linked to Marketing and Selling.

Areas of expertise: Topics of commercial management, selling and development of professional teams.