About us

At CareersCoaching we work as a seasoned deeply experienced consultancy firm specialized in the advice to organizations and persons, in all kind of topics of Careers Planning, Coaching or Development of Human Resources.

We apply to our programs, our deep and wide experience – earned across 25 companies and almost 300 individual already attended cases – in the diagnosis of problems and designing of solving solutions for a big diversity of situations of transition of careers, and in the development of programs designed to follow up and take care of each of them.

Commitment and Responsibility

Our commitment is with the excellence and the full satisfaction of the particular needs of each one of our clients.

Our responsibility regarding the programs we deliver is thoroughly absolute.

Each case or program is always personally supervised by one of our Directors.

We are active members of Arbora Global Career Partners, the prestigious international chain of counsels specializing in Planning of Career, whom we represent in Argentina, with presence in more than 28 countries, safeguarding this way processes of the highest international quality.


Ismael Ajzenszlos

Ismael Ajzenszlos

Coach certified by ICCI as Career Management Fellow CMF
Areas of expertise:
Professional Executive Coaching, Career Transitions and Outplacement

Eduardo Gavagnin - Careers Coaching

Eduardo Gavagnin

Area of expertise:
Analysis of administrative and accounting areas, reorganization and restructuring pre or post procurement, downsizing or enlargement of operations

Alejandro Ajzenszlos - Careers Coaching

Alejandro Ajzenszlos

Area of expertise:
Topics of commercial management, selling and development of professional teams

Verónica Law - Careers Coaching

Verónica Law

Area of expertise:
Marketing, Commercialization and Communications

Carlos Trad Fager

Dr. Carlos Trad Fager

Area of expertise:
Topics of labor Medicine, of public Health and of roads safety.

María Poma - Careers Coaching

Maria Bettina Poma Borghelli

Representative in the Argentine southern provinces of Neuquén and Rio Negro
Area of expertise:
Services of Executive and Management Search, Head hunting, topics of Performance, Compensations and Outplacement.
Professional Trainer on Carnegie Training activities.

Lilia Torre - Careers Coaching

Lic. Lilia De La Torre

Area of expertise:
Programs of Outplacement and Coaching for managers.
Consultancy in organizational behavior and decision making.